CICF is committed to make Central Indiana a better, more beautiful, more equitable community. Support for our community's local artists is a key part of that ongoing commitment.

CICF Artist Ambassadors

Formed in 2019, the CICF Artist Ambassadors cohort was brought together to explore how CICF grant funding could support artists—specifically, artists of color, from the LGBTQ+ community, and artists with disabilities.

Since the group’s inception, it has interviewed and surveyed dozens of artists to understand the needs and perceptions of artists in our community. The group has intentionally taken a slow, exploratory process to provide support in ways that are responsive to the artist community’s needs in Central Indiana.

For more information about these grant programs, please review the informational video.

applications are not currently being accepted at this time.

Meet the ambassadors
  • D. Del Reverda-Jennings
    —interdisciplinary artist: visual, curator, published journalist, author, poet, jewelry designer & founder of FLAVA FRESH!
  • Eduardo Luna
    —conceptual artist, cultural promoter & founder of Arte Mexicano en Indiana
  • Stacia Murphy
    —community & arts-centered advocate
  • Wildstyle Paschall
    —musician, photographer & writer
  • Ernest Disney-Britton
    —vice president of community impact & investment at Arts Council of Indianapolis
  • Joanna Nixon
    —Nixon Consulting
  • Mali Jeffers
    —cultural entrepreneur, co-founder, GANGGANG
  • Clayton De Fur
    —senior donor engagement officer at CICF